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The arrival of the new Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan resonated with many readers who were happy to have a character in comics that resembled themselves. One of those of a long time reader MayaK. I asked Maya who has been reading comics for four decades the impact that having a character like Kamala means to her and how much it would have meant when she was a young reader. Her thoughts follow.


When Sue approached me about this piece I envisioned a review of Ms. Marvel and how it resonated with me as a woman of South Asian descent.  My parents emigrated from India to the United States in the late 1950s and I was born a day before the Civil Rights Act was enacted. However, the more I tried to write the review the more the larger issue of diversity in general in the genre nagged at me.  Why does diversity matter? What does diversity mean?  Why are some in the community so resistant to the idea?  Why is diversity in comics, really media, such a divisive issue?  

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My favorite paragraph: “When we (society) viscerally feel race makes us different from each other, changing the skin color of a beloved character feels as if one is robbed of their own experience, which brings me back to why I think diversity matters for all of us. If the person-of-color’s experience does not resonate for the white person, then pigment matters. On the flip side, if we understand there are common experiences we all face then Johnny Storm being black and his sister Sue white won’t even raise an eyebrow and this, I strongly hope, will be my grandchildren’s experiences.





I want to see how much money WB is losing out on by being lukewarm about this

I would see it in theaters multiple times, take all my friends, buy merch, and buy the dvd more than once.

and I do not buy media

i would literally live at the theatre for as long as that movie is there


Yes, please!

This works. Even if what you write never ends up in your final product, get the act of getting the idea on paper/screen/stone tablet does wonders for my creativity.

Sugar and spice and everything nice wasn’t made for only girls…

Sugar and spice and everything nice wasn’t made for only girls…

I’m not too late to the party, am I?

Are there still chips?

ComicBookGirl19: Captain America The Winter Soldier Review (p1 of 2)


It felt like the breakthrough was never going to happen. I’ve been sitting on ideas for a couple characters in a superhero story or a while but I couldn’t see how they’d all connect and, most importantly, I couldn’t figure out what her darn superpower was going to be.

A too easy answer would have been to make her like one the “powerless” heroes like Batman or Black Widow, but given that she’s not going to have access to the unlimited resources of Bruce Wayne or SHIELD, I needed to give we a leg up on the baddies somehow.

Well, I got it. No, I’m not telling. Not yet. All in good time , you’ll meet her.

In the hours since I decided on this, the idea flood has been raging. I’m greatly looking forward to a weekend of yard work, pen and paper and iced tea on the back deck.

TUMBLSTEIN EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Iowa State Senator Hubert Houser, who hasn’t shown up for work in over a month.